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Some of the units we offer do not have any pipe connections they are all in one units from the Prem-i-Air range or window unit systems.  This makes them ideal for a DIY installation.

However if you are a competent DIYer or you are in the construction trade by using our commissioning service you will be able to install many of the smaller split systems we offer.

By using our unique easy to install ‘Flexi-quick’ pipe or with standard copper coils & installation kits, we will supply everything you need for your installation.
Then when you are ready for the final connection & commissioning testing to be done, simply give us a call.

Commissioning costs start from £150

The commissioning service includes a return to site warranty, in the event of breakdown.

Heating & cooling conservatories
Heating & cooling conservatories




The Easiest & fastest way to install
split air conditioning systems

The easist way to install systems with FLEXI-QUICK

Whether you are a novice or experienced installer flexi-quick can save you hours on the installation of split air conditioning systems

Flexi-Quick is a truly flexible pipe which can easily be bent around corners without fear of flattening the pipe, its unique flexibility enables it to be pulled through like cable, so a professionally finish can easily be achieved, quickly and on every installation.

Installation Engineers - If time is money then Flexi-Quick will save you ££££’s

Flexi-Quick is pre- insulated in white lagging and pre-flared at either end. It is supplied in ready made lengths of:

  • 3 metres
  • 5 Metres
  • 7 Metres
  • 10 Metres

(Pipe lengths can be extended)

It is supplied in pipe diameters of 1/4" & 3/8” and 1/4” & 1/2".



This is the cheapest way to have a high quality split system.

Install it yourself and from only £150 we will arrange for an engineer in your area to professionally commission the system.
Only £85 for additional units commissioned on the same site.

  1. Are you a Trades Person or someone with good DIY skills?
  2. Can you put a core hole through a wall?
  3. Can you ensure an adequate electrical supply for the system?

If the answer is yes, then with our help you will be able to install a system. And save £££££'s on your install.

We then do the commissioning work, which includes making the final pipe work connections to the outdoor unit, pressure testing and evacuation of air from the installed pipe work We arrange for an engineer to go in at the end of your install and make the final connections and do the technical side including nitrogen pressure testing, moisture evacuation and adding extra gas if required.
Once we have checked and commissioned the system we will then offer a full return to site warrenty and be responsible for any call backs or warranty issues to do with the running or performance of the unit.

Commissioning starts from £150inc VAT for a single unit and £85 for any subsequent units on the same day at the same site.
Payment is made directly to the engineer immediately after commissioning. No payment needed now, simply call us when your install is complete and we will arrange for an engineer to contact you immediately.


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